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Communications Materials

If you should need any materials to share with your customers or partners, please feel free to leverage the following resources, developed and approved by Kentucky Medicaid.

Member Information Brief                 españ​ol                   

Member Renewals Information        españ​ol

Medicaid Renewal Flier for Offices   españ​ol

Medicaid Renewal Flier for Provider Offices

Provider Information Brief              

Alternative Coverage Options          españ​ol

Qualified Health Plan (QHP)              españ​ol

Medicare Enrollment (Members)​​     españ​ol​​

Medicare Enrollment (Provider)

How to Access Your Renewal Date

How to Access Your Patient's Renewal Date

KY PHE Renewal Pathway Brief

Provider Renewals Guidance Document

​​​​​​KLOCS Provider Medicaid Renewal Report Quick Reference Guide

CMS has also created the Medicaid Unwinding Communications Toolkit with important messages and sample materials for everyone to use, including outreach to special populations. Please feel free to check this resource out and leverage any materials for your communities!​​​​​​​

CMS Documentation for Medicaid Providers

​Medicaid and Medicare provider-specific fact sheets from CMS include information about which waivers and flexibilities have already been terminated, have been made permanent, or will end at the end of the PHE (May 11, 2023).

Additional transition support from available through the Department of Health and Human Services Fact Sheet.​​